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Innovative Counselling to Promote the Participation of People 50+ in the Labour Market and Societal life
a transnational project of Croatia, Germany, Lithuania and Poland

09/2016 - 08/2019

The integration of the generation 50+ into the European labour market becomes more relevant. Thus, it is important to support the target groups of employees 50+ and unemployed 50+ with a specialized information and counselling service. Currently, there is just a small offer of counselling and guidance services. In addition, guidance for active age management is still poorly represented in human resources strategies. The second target group consists of Human Resource practitioners and Job Counsellors. “InCounselling50+” proposes to develop a holistic and scientifically based concept for innovative career counselling and guidance, which includes the different conditions of European labour markets and their employment.



Labour Market Situation

In several sectors of the labour market a shortage of skilled workers is expected or already stated.

In 2004, the OECD highlighted the need for a specialised information and counselling offer to increase the participation of people 50+ in working and social life.

Demand for Counselling

Due to its heterogeneous nature the target group of persons aged 50+ has varied needs and face the potential risk to be excluded from the labour market. Thereby, the requirements of the companies as well as the possibilities to adapt organizational frameworks have to be taken into account.

In addition, universities and companies need to know how to maintain the knowledge and skills of their employees 50+. Lifelong learning in this context could be a way to respond to this requirement. Both target groups can profit from each other.

Especially, the combination of the competences and standards elaborated in previous European Projects in career guidance as well as internationally used HR approaches and tools enable the transfer of previous outcomes of EU-funded projects into a new innovative context that is adaptable to regional needs.



To address the challenges:

  1. Support career development services for employed workers 50+ with guidance tools
  2. Develop guidance for active age management in human resources strategies.

This will lead to positive effects

  • on an individual level (e.g. staying longer in employment),
  • on organizational level (e.g. keeping skilled and productive workforce) and
  • on national level (e.g. reducing social security costs).


Overall Goals

To develop, test and finalize a holistic and scientifically based concept for innovative career counselling and guidance. The concept will consist of:

  • A three day face-to-face training
  • A specific peer counselling concept
  • A self-directed online course
  • All materials are free accessible

The concept will be designed for:

  • direct target groups:
  • HR and
  • career counsellors

to respond in a better way to the needs of the indirect target (End-user) groups:

  • Employees 50+
  • Employees in transition to retirement 50+
  • Job seekers 50+

Needs analysis

The needs analysis consisted of a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview, which were designed by the Polish university partner UJD.
The survey was conducted in Croatia, Poland and Germany during March and April 2017.
The aim was to analyze current employment status and opinions about competences, trainings and jobs as well as labour market requirements for people 50+.

The major results of the survey with a sample of approximately 300 participants are:

  • People 50+ show rather emotional driven needs than extrinsic driven
  • This demonstrates that people aged 50+ can get motivated in a different way
  • HR manager and counsellors, therefore, require broad socio-psychological knowledge to fulfill the needs of elderly

Training/program for HR and counselling practitioners

The training program, based on the needs analysis, consists of a face-to-face training and a self-directed online course. The training provides the acquisition of knowledge and competences to improve the work and support for employees 50+, including those in transition to retirement, and jobseekers 50+.

Members of the project agreed on an holistic concept and contents of both courses. The focus will be on economic views, organizational theories, information and knowledge management as well as psychological aspects.

The face-to-face course is going to be finished in summer 2018. The online course is planned to be finish at the end of 2018.


Specific counselling concept

To ensure an holistic approach, we seek to design a method to support the target groups in addition to the training and the online course. This method is about how to promote the integration of the generation 50+ in a proactive and sustainable manner in working life. Possible methods could be cross-generational work groups or mentoring, which intend to encourage further learning and training.

This topic is currently under development. As soon as we complete this part, we are going to provide more information about this.

Multiplier Events (read more under Events)

The events are accessible for everyone. We want to give an overall presentation of our project and national partners, the outcomes and recommendations as well as a future outlook on development trends for this topic.

They are going to take place in the beginning of 2019.


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